AGEM has a team of professionals specialising in the sport and entertainment sector, which works closely with other departments in the firm and provides a comprehensive service to clients who ask for our services.

Specifically, our experience related to both professional and amateur sport includes:

  • Auditing the annual accounts of public limited sports companies, sports clubs, sports federations, sports associations, etc.
  • Advice on accounting matters and the application of specific sectoral adaptations (rules for adapting the general accounting plan for public limited sports companies, rules for adapting the general accounting plan for sports federations and the general accounting plan for not-for-profit organisations).
  • Special reports required by Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional (National Professional Football League) and UEFA for taking part in sports competitions (limited reviews of interim financial statements, reports on the agreed procedures for verifying debts with employees, debts for transfer rights, debts with employees and public administrations, certificates for justifying items in budgets, etc.)
  • Special review reports on the management carried out by companies awarded the management of municipal sports centres.
  • Advice on formalising representation agreements, rights usage agreements, administrative grant agreements, etc.
  • Comprehensive tax advice to entities in the sector and their professionals (sportsmen and women, artists, etc.): tax regime for not-for-profit organisations and tax incentives for patronage, income tax for non-residents, irregular income, income obtained abroad, special of tax regimes for artists and sportsmen and women.
  • Temporary appropriation of the administration/management of private entities in the sports and entertainment sector.
  • Intermediation and purchase of companies in the sports and entertainment sector.