The public sector is made up of the set of institutions or agencies that regulate a country‘s collective decisions of a political, economic, social and cultural nature. To achieve their goals and carry out their roles requires a complex organisation in which entities of a different legal nature are involved.

AGEM has a team of professionals specialising in the public sector, which works closely with other departments in the firm and provides a comprehensive service to clients who ask for advice.

Our experience includes the following fields of action, among others:

  • Auditoría de cuentas anuales o trabajos de revisión de estados financieros de entidades del ámbito público (Sociedades públicas, Entidades públicas empresariales, Consorcios, Mancomunidades, Organismos Autónomos, Agencias de desarrollo comarcal, Federaciones deportivas, etc.).
  • Auditing of annual accounts or reviewing financial statements of entities in the public sphere (public companies, public business entities, consortia, associations, autonomous bodies, regional development agencies, sports federations, etc.).
  • Audits to fulfil legal obligations, operational audits of economy and efficiency, audits of programmes and systems.
  • Advice on applying accounting rules (general public accounting plan).
  • Comprehensive tax advice to public sector entities.
  • etc.